Carré Distant Capone LS Tee Stone

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New for 2017 comes the Distant Capone 3 Long Sleeve Tee from Carre. A new addition to the family this season, this silhouette features matching colour side zip details, Carre prints throughout, and construction from 100% cotton. - Matching Coloured Zip Details - Small Front Carre print - Large Back Carre print - Super-soft combed cotton construction - An elongated fit which, while being long, remains tapered and slim through the shoulders and arms offering a fit for any body type! - The high-quality fabric used allows for superior drape and fit which has earned this brand a worldwide following for its unique t-shirts - 100% Cotton Carre is the Parisian streetwear powerhouse changing the face of street fashion launching street trends on a global scale. Their game changing innovation and execution of the Droptail, Capone, and Scission tee have taken street fashion to an unprecedented level. Their impeccable standards for quality fabric, cut and fit coupled with their fashion forward edgy designs and prints have made Carre garments a must have core staple for any street style wardrobe. With their bevvy of urban followers, Carre is certain to continue evolving and reinterpreting what street fashion represents. Carre are street-style makers, not fakers.

The Capone

The Capone Tee is known for its perfect fit with a narrow body and extra length. It was also acknowledged for the two side zips at the hem.


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